Slow down III 2010

Prize from Marshal of PomeranianVoivodeship ex aequo
the 8th International Baltic Minitextile Triennial, Gdynia/ Poland

A changing world

Nowadays our world is exposed to a tremendous/major increase in integration; the intermixing of people at a revolutionary and unparalleled pace. The conditions in which we live today, though not completely established yet, are once again very challenging, leaving us with a lack of time to adapt. Our social values are under permanent threat the consequences being increased tension and conflict in spite of our knowledge and experience. How can we find time to reflect and exchange views effectively? Will we have a chance to slow down or must we simply use our experience on a more globalized level? The number of states that are failing is increasing rather than decreasing. How can our social values become relevant and occur together again without conflict, and can the balance of our economic and ecological demands be brought back? My work represents the benefits of balanced and constructive approaches in order to allow growth and welfare, which includes more transparency and time.