2015 - Out of the box

The IX International Biennial of Textile Miniatures

19. Juni - 11. Juli 2015
Lithuanian Artists' Association's Art Gallery ARKA, Vilnius Lithuania
4. September - 17. Oktober 2015
Janina Monkute-Marks Museum, Kédainiai, Lithuania

Janinos Monkutes Marks Museum Kédainiai, Lithuania

Janina Monkute-Marks Museum and Gallery is committed to the cultural and educational advancement achieved through sharing art in its dynamic diversity with the city of Kedainiai and the larger cultural community of Lithuania.


ARKA Art Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

ARKA Gallery – one of four art galleries in Vilnius, found by Lithuanian Artist‘s Association. Arka Gallery was opened in 1990, it is located in the old town of Vilnius, in the architectural ensemble of XVI Bazilian convent. Gallery is one of the largest in Vilnius – 6 exhibition halls contain nearly 500 m2 of exhibition space.