2011 - The seventh International Biennial of Textile Miniatures

21. September bis 8. Oktober 2011

Vanish / Survive
7.th International Biennial of Textile Miniatures

"Vanish/Survive"is dedicated to the problem of existence of contemporary human

Even 125 artists from 31 country - from the Baltic countries to the most distant parts of the world (Australia, Japan, China, Latin America) in their works reflect on the dif­ferent aspects of human existence and the role of individual in the modern world. Opposition between survival and vanishing is analysed by the participants of the exhibition through the interaction of life and death or just being and the beyond world. They tackle the problems of ecology and human responsibility in the world full of social, political and religious contradictions. They are interested in the future of textile, the problems of its survival and transformations in the contemporary art, as well as the fate of national and spiritual values under the conditions of globalisation. The artists as if seemingly ask - what is awaiting us tomorrow, what did we find and what shall we leave after ourselves, whether we imprint the footsteps in our time? The works exhibited in biennial are different with respect to style and technique combining both traditional and innovative methods, reflecting individualities of the authors' and dominating textile tendencies.

Dr. Lijana Sataviciute