2007 - 3. Int.Exhibition on mini textile Kherson, Ukraine

Local Lore Museum, Kherson, Ukraine
14. Juni – 22. Juni 2007

Local Lore Museum, Kherson, Ukraine
The Third International Exhibition on Mini Textile took place in Kherson, Ukraine, June 14-22, 2007. The organizers, ETN members Ludmila Egorova and Andrew Schneider. Our aim was to create an event in a textileproducing region, which has textile heritage as well as to show modern trends. Our commitment is based on faith in this medium as an integral part of contemporary art. This exhibition was intended to present current national and international trends in contemporary mini textile art and to promote communication between textile artists from different countries. Artists were invited to apply with up to 2 works 30x30x30cm. The art works of 52 artists from 15 countries were selected: Austria (2), Bulgaria (2), Belgium (2), Germany (3), Iceland (2), Italy (3), Lithuania (1), The Netherlands (1), USA (1), Turkey (6), Finland (5), Switzerland (2), Ukraine (16), Japan (4).This year best works for the masterfully innovative idea and - Linda Colsh (USA/Belgium), Anna Morozova (Ukraine), Ursula Gerber-Senger (Switzerland), Sumiko Tasaka, Kakuko Ishii, Sugane Hara (Japan), Galya Georgieva (Bulgaria), Ozcan Uzcur (Turkey). execution by: The artists used wool, flax, hemp, raw silk, cotton, as well as wire, glass, paper and paper strings, metal, polyamide, horn, fishing line, roofing felt. Works are made in tapestry, batik, embroidery, collage, phototransfer, felt, quilt and different authors’ techniques.
Kherson Local Lore Museum
the venue of the exhibition