2006 - European Quilt Triennial

Palatinate Museum Heidelberg

15.10.2006 – 21.1.2007

This is the the third time that the Textile Collection Max Berk · Palatinate Museum (formerly known as the Textile Museum Max Berk) will be hosting the European Quilt Triennial, which will be shown in Heidelberg from 15. October 2006 to 21.January 2007.

Since the competition started in 1984, in the form of the German Quilt Biennial until 2000, it has become renowned for its high quality and has gained an international reputation in its field for contemporary and artistic patchwork quilts.

For the 3rd Triennial, the jury of seven viewed 221 entries from 18 countries and selected 37 works from 15 countries. The first prize of € 1500 was awarded to Linda Colsh, an American living in Belgium, for her quilt "Cold Shoulder", which takes a critical view of the way in which we deal with an ageing society. The second prize of € 1000 goes to the work "Black Women Have Long Kept Their Silence" by the artist Ursula Rauch from Germany, who has studied the destiny of suppressed women in the whole world for many years now. The third prize of € 500 has been awarded to two participants, to Ursula Gerber-Senger from Switzerland for her experimental object "Fire Signals" and to Evi Kirchmair-Krismer from Austria for her work "Streams/Currents". This is recognition for Ursula Gerber-Senger's consistent efforts to use innovative materials for the patchwork quilt medium, whereas Evi Kirchmair-Krismer's work stands out for the formal rendering of the topic "Prevailing Trends", such as the ever-increasing and overtaxing demands on the individual. The fact that nearly all of the prize-winning works deal with political and social topics, almost with a grim outlook, must be seen as a sign of the times.

The exhibition will be complemented with one work each by Karen Fleming from Northern Ireland, who was the winner of the last Triennial, by the German quilter Inge Hueber, and by Marga Persson, who is professor for textiles/art & design at the University of Art in Linz/Austria. All three exhibitors belong to the jury.

Following the exhibition in Heidelberg, the 3rd European Quilt Triennial can also be seen in the Kreismuseum Zons (2.2. – 9.4.2007), in the Textile Museum St. Gallen / Switzerland (3.5. – 29.7.2007) and at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham (16. – 19.8.2007).

Exhibition venue: Textile Collection Max BerkBrahmsstraße 8 · 69118 Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen
Duration: 15.10.2006 – 21.1.2007

Opening times: Wed, Sat, Sun 1:00 – 6:00 pm Closed on 24.12. and 31.12.2006
Special arrangements can be made for groups Entry fee: € 2,50 / € 1,50
Exhibition catalogue with 40 colour photos: € 12
Further information and photo material:
Textile Collection Max Berk · Palatinate Museum