2012 - 9th international Biennale of Textile Art Scythia 9

The ninth international Biennial of Textile Art
18.- 30. June 2012

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The ninth international Biennial of Textile Art, 'Scythia 9', took place in Kherson, Ukгaine, from 19th tо 24th June 2012. Organised Ьy Ludmila Egorova and Andrew Schneider, the event included a conference, а fashion show and masterclasses.

Fifty-five artists from 17 countries participated in the exhibition - from Germany (2), Finland (1), France (1), Hungary (1), India (1), Japan (3), Lithuania (1), Norway (1), Poland (3), Romania (2), Serbia (1), South Africa (1), Switzerland (3), Turkey (15), the UK (4), the USA (1) and Ukraine (12).
Prizes were awarded to works Ьу three artists, Ursula Gerber-Senger/CH, Eszter Bornemisza/H and Nobuko Kolzumi/Japan.

The first day was devoted to 'Scythia' textile projects and the presentation of various international exhibitions: a) Lace: Traditional Routes - Contempoгary Style; b) Textile Сопstructions; and c) Ancient Cultures and Textiles of Southem Ukraine. Halil Selcuk Gürisik, a Turkish textile artist, scho!ar and lecturer, took over the second half of the day with a course on Nuno felting.

The overarching themes of the second day were fashion design, wearabIe art, есо fashion, paper clothing, fe!t design, Korean joomehi and hat design, followed by а visit to the ethnological department of the Kherson Museum of Local Нistory and presentation of а textile pгoject by Fiona Кirkwood from South Аfriса.

The third day was dedicated to lectures оп fashion and innovative fabrics. There were presentations by Ukrainian artists and Danish artist MeHe Larsen. The "Luminous" exhibition featuring work by 10 Japanese and 10 Ukrainian artists opened in the evening, having bee" previously оп displayat Promo Апе Gallery, Tokyo, in May.

А pгoject entitled "The Rules of Earthly Wisdom" by Rob Burton/UK was presented оп the fourth day - a bIend of art, performance and digital techniques. It united a multidisciplinary gгoup of artists and scholars, felters, dancers, musicians, photogгaphers, etc. Halil Selcuk Gürisik and Kakuko Ishii/Japan also gave performances. А fashion show took place in the evening, featuring felt by Selcuk laces by the Lavrik sisters from Ukraine, work by Ukrainian clothing designer Juliana Vjuga and student pieces from the Dеpartment of Design, Kherson University. The conference pгogramme concluded with а boat trip оп the Dnieper river.

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