2010 - 8. Internation Baltic Mini Textil Triennial Gdynia

Muzeum Miasta Gdyni, ul. Zawizy Czarnego 1,
PL-81-374 Gdynia

It is the eighth time that, thanks to the miniature forms enchanted into artistic textile, Gdynia welcomes works made by artists from all over the world, who participate in Minitextile Triennial 2010! For the first time this event takes place in the Museum of the City of Gdynia, in the favorable conditions for the most optimal exposition of the works — far more comfortable than romantic but uncomfortable interiors of tall ship Dar Pomorza. I hope the new location will cause great interest of wide public, which I cordially wish both authors and organizers.
Mayor of the City
Wojciech Szczurekhe

In contrary to great, international exhibitions of “large format” textile, which number decrease year by year, international events presenting minitextile are doing very well. The best example could be International Baltic Minitextile Triennial (in 1993 triennial, then biennial, from 2004 triennial again) in Gdynia. With the stability of its subsequent, excellent repetitions it confi rms that it is needed, accepted in the country and abroad, that its organisational formula is “friendly” both to specifi c type of fi bre art, which is a minitextile, and to artists (as many of them every three years so willingly wants to come back here, it is obvious that we return of our free will to places, of which we have pleasant memories). The event in Gdynia is not so young, it exists a dozen or so, so it has authority of its own tradition, which was not attained by numerous, widely and loudly announced and abundantly fi nanced exhibitions — ephemeras, which sparkle on our artistic fi rmament like a fireworks.

In my conversations and articles about Triennial in Gdynia, I used to mention artistic authority of great international events in Szombathely, Angers, Como, comparing with them and presenting on their background exhibition in Gdynia. I fell connected with Triennial in Gdynia and even somehow responsible for it, also for its position in the world. That is the reason of my inferior comparing Triennial in Gdynia with other well known events, “warming oneself in the light of someone else’s glory”. In this year I had an honour to be a juror in Gdynia, once I was a juror on those events. Somewhat I saw, somewhat I know and I am sure that there is no reason to feel inferior, the problem is rather in outdistancing than in catching up with others. International Baltic Minitextile Triennial in hands of Initiator of the event, supported and helped by Organizers — Museum of the City of Gdynia, came in its beautiful maturity.

Norbert Zawisza
Chairman of the Programme Council of the International Triennial of Tapestry in Lodz
Director of the Central Museum of Textiles
Chairman of the Jury of the 8th International Baltic Minitextile Triennial in Gdynia

... when sea wind becomes a warp and a romantic distance a weft, there come into being works — miniatures, which can be seen near the sea in new building of the Museum of the City of Gdynia by guests from Poland and abroad, because the Year 2010 is an international year of textile and our artists’ feast. We invite you dear artists to the meeting with the sea, wind and art to Gdynia — a city dreamt by visionaries and created by its inhabitants.

Triennial Commissioner
Aleksandra Bibrowicz-Sikorska

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