in_rete XVI mostra d'arte contemporanea
7. Okt. - 12. Nov. 2006

Miniartextil Como

17. oct. - 12. nov. 2006
For the sixteenth year running Como is set to host the Miniartextil event. This contemporary art event, one of its kind in Italy and acclaimed on an international level, is entirely planned, organised and staged by the Cultural Association Arte&Arte. In_rete-2006miniartextilcomo will be hosted in 11 venues in the heart of the city, and presents the work of over 100 artists from 31 countries. This year’s event focuses on „art on the web and for the web“, in the words of Domenico Quaranta, and with a view to this is hosting artists who represent the cutting edge in terms of „creating art“ with the most advanced forms of technology. Thanks to the work of Professor Luciano Caramel, the exhibition’s curator, Miniartextil will also feature up and coming artists, alongside established names in the field of textile art. Lastly, there will be a strong contingent of Japanese artists, presenting some sophisticated, unusual installations. Miniartextil is a tribute to art, which emerges in many spheres, and to all those who belive that culture is a vital part of life.

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